What to know about the smoking of shatter as well as wax

What to know about the smoking of shatter as well as wax

Dabbing is the flash vaporization concentrates, or dabs, at high temperatures, and is performed using a dab rig, e-rig or dab pen. The focus will be on dabbing that is traditional using the dab rig in this guide.

There’s a little learning curve when dabbing, so if you’ve never done it before, it may be beneficial to ask someone who is experienced show you how it’s done.

Some important things to remember when dabbing

Dabs are concentrated versions of cannabis, so you can get a small amount of cannabis to go a very great distance. A flower can contain between 15-25% THC. they range from 60-90% THC.

The temperature of your dabbing is vital When dabbing: If the nail is too hot, you’ll melt terpenes and likely induce a coughing fit.

Stay clear of hot nails. They’re much scorching hot than even a bowl or lighter.

How do you use a dab-rig?

When you buy the best dab kit that is available on the market you will get a complete guide in the package!

A dab rig is a water pipe that is used to inhale the dabs. It’s similar to a bong, with a chamber where water is kept for cooling vapor, but as opposed to a pot that holds flowers like bongs, a dab pipe has a nail to help with concentrates.

What’s the best way to make a dab rig work?

To take a dab, the nail of a dab rig gets heated by an electric torch, and then allowed for it to cool to the desired temperature. A cannabis concentrate is put in the nail and the heating causes it to evaporate. The carb cap is placed over the nail and the dabber takes in the air and controls the flow of air with a carb cap.

Vapor moves from the nail into inside the main chamber and is cooled by water before reaching the dabber’s respiratory system.

How do you make dabs?

  • Before you can dab prior to dabbing, you must remember that solvent concentrates, such as shatter or crumble, wax, jelly, honey, and many more, are produced using chemical solvents like butane. This means that these concentrates should be prepared by an authorized technician using the proper equipment, and cannot be created at home.
  • Solvents need to be removed from the extraction process so that they are safe to consume and only a certified technician certified in a legal market is able to accomplish this. A wrong method of solvent extraction can be dangerous and result in the release harmful fumes or even explosions.
  • However, some solvent-free dabs can be made at home using cannabis flowers and simple household tools.