Weed delivery in San Dimas

From cannabis edibles to CBD tinctures, pre-rolls, dabs, and THC seltzers, the delivery options are endless. For your next vacation to beautiful California, check out some of these great products that can be delivered right to your door with weed delivery in San Dimas.

Potent Goods

Potent Goods combines street fashion aesthetic with the cannabis culture to produce products that are truly special.

Looking for a truly balanced high? Try out the MUSE pre-rolls made with high-quality hybrid flower strain. Take a puff of the AMPLIFY disposable vape pen for an energizing high from premium Sativa flower. If you’re searching for a deeply relaxing high take a hit of the OFFLINE pre-rolls made with a premium Indica flower for a better high.


Stiiizy is really an all-inclusive resource for the pot darling who needs a tad of everything. From premium quality blossom to removes, vape pens, and edibles, Stiiizy has everything. It is quite difficult to create such a huge product offering, subsequently Stiiizy’s unbelievable status in the pot scene.

Stiiizy Pods are rapidly turning into California works of art, improved with either naturally determined or marijuana inferred terpenes, or as a full range of live gum. For the touch lover, they offer concentrates like live rosin badder and live pitch jewels for a genuinely epicurean encounter.

To add to their obligation to quality and straightforwardness, Stiiizy incorporates a QR code on their bundling to check your vape. When filtered, you’re taken to a site to enter the sequential code on the bundling. This additional step is discretionary obviously, however, guarantees that your vape was delivered by Stiiizy, and is certainly not a dangerous underground market knock-off.

Pabst Labs

Chances are, there’s a time in your life when a fond memory of sipping PBR comes to mind. Maybe it was back in college, or maybe it was last night! Either way, this brand is worth the hype in the cannabis industry. Pabst Labs brings High Seltzer, a hard seltzer with a twist, to the California cannabis market.

These alcohol-free hard seltzers contain 10 mg of THC per can and are available in flavors like passion fruit pineapple, strawberry kiwi, mango blood orange, and lemon. For a different kind of buzz from the Blue Ribbon brand you know and love, order a 4-pack and have it delivered straight to your door….or Palm Springs pool party.