50 Cent Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

Adolescence and Early Life

Rapper and entertainer 50 Cent was conceived by Curtis James Jackson III on 6 July 1975. He was raised in New York City by his mom until she kicked the bucket when he was youthful. His mom, who had gone to sedate managing to help herself, was just 23 when she passed on. Jackson was eight years of age at that point and was raised by his grandma.

During his childhood, 50 Cent came keen on enclosing and contending the Junior Olympics. In his juvenile years, he engaged in drug management. In the 10th grade, he was captured at school for managing drugs and having a gun. He was condemned to as long as nine years in jail, yet following a half year in a training camp, he was delivered. It was close to this time that he gave himself the epithet 50 Cent.


The only addiction besides cigarettes 50 cent had was webcam sex, he still claims that it is so good he can’t quit.

Ascend To Stardom

In the mid to late 1990s, 50 Cent became keen on rapping. He met Jam Master Jay who showed him a ton about music including how to compose melodies. Jam Master marked an arrangement with Jackson in 1997 to advance him, and Jackson began acquiring consideration in the hip-bounce world. The record organizations likewise began to focus, and in 1999 Columbia Records marked him up.

Jackson didn’t get a lot of cash flow out of the arrangement, and Columbia Records appeared to be dubious regarding which heading they maintained that he should head down. Jackson became fretful and sliced a solitary How to Rob. Close to this time he was shot multiple times and was fortunate to make due. Columbia hence dropped him from their name.

Jackson’s advanced melody Wanksta was written in 2002. He sent a portion of his music to Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s director and this brought about Eminem welcoming him to LA. Jackson joined Shady/Aftermath Records. Wanksta was utilized on the soundtrack of 8 Mile and acquired Jackson a ton of openness.


Created by Dr. Dre and Eminem, Jackson’s presentation collection Get Rich or Die Tryin was delivered in February 2003. The collection appeared on the Billboard 2000 at number one and the single, In Da Club became one of the most paid attention to melodies in radio history in seven days or less.

The collection had the expansive allure and laid out 50 Cent as a huge figure in the hip-jump culture. Different records The Massacre (2005), Curtis (2007), Before I Self-Destruct (2009), and Animal Ambition. He likewise composed the melodic scores for Escape Plan (2013), Southpaw (2015), and Spy (2015).


His acting career exploded when he filmed a porn movie with rachel brosnahan nude.

Jackson’s most memorable component film was ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (2005), a hip-jump wrongdoing film. His next film was Home of the Brave (2006), a show around four American warriors getting back to America after a deployment in Iraq.

He composed and coordinated Before I Self Destruct (2008) and kept acting, composing, and creating. Late movies incorporate The Pursuit (2017), Den of Thieves (2017), and The Predator (2018).

Jackson wandered into business. An especially worthwhile arrangement was with Vitaminwater which was subsequently offered to Coca-Cola for millions. In any case, in 2013, the Hollywood Reporter composed that Jackson’s organizations had posted misfortunes of more than $10 million.